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Papillon puppy culture at Playtyme

Multiple locations, surfaces, textures, multiple litters playing together, puppies playing with adult dogs, puppies playing with multiple people old and young. 
more on puppy culture can be found by Googling it. 


After Puppy leaves us it is very important that you continue to expose your new puppy to 30 different things/places/events/enviorments/people/other dogs in first month of being in new home. We have done everything we can to springboad your puppy into this concept. Papilllon puppies who stay at home, never see anything but home, tend to become scared/stressed in new places/people/events/travel.


So continuing to expose your new puppy to lots of "new" things over the next year or two will greatly help to keep your puppy happy and friendly in all situations. the Key word in this is "NEW".

Exposure to what is "normal" is not going to keep your puppy  moving towrds being happpy in all places and with all people. Puppies need to experince NEW things daily so that they can learn about life. 

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