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A Word about Vets

we proudly recommends Southkent Veterinary Hospital in Caledonia Michigan. Southkent is a caring knowledgeable practice that values their customers as well as their animal clients. The care they give both canine and people is exceptional, professional and courteous. They are never too busy to help, care and assist in anyway they can, and they are more than accommodating even when they're busy. Thank-you Southkent for your support, expertise and professional help. As a breeder, we value you and your practice beyond words.

Choosing Your Veterinarian - This is an important decision in the overall health of your new puppy. Your veterinarian should partner with you in the best interest of your new puppy. Like any profession, reputation is everything.

If you don't currently have a veterinarian that you work with, ask your friends, neighbors and other dog enthusiasts who they use for a vet and why, Does the office run unnecessary tests, or do things without your permission? Some offices require that you sign a contract before having your dog seen. Know what is in the contract, and can your vet do whatever test he/she wants because you signed a contract? Visit the office and keep both ears open in the waiting room. Are clients happy, comfortable with their vet and positive? What about the receptionists? Are they helpful, concerned and considerate? They are after all a reflection of the overall attitude of the office.
Are the vets established in their community and profession. Sometimes (not always) new, young vets can be judgmental and critical of your personal choices. We prefer vets who have had longtime experience with clients, or young new vets who work closely with an established practice and an experienced vet. Vets learn a great deal over the years and a good vet will keep up-to-date on his profession as well as value their clients and respect them.

You don't need a specialist for the majority of your dogs care. Veterinarians spend the same amount of time in school as a physician. They choose the profession out of a love for animals. Believe me, they could be making a lot more money had they chosen the human medical field.

If you're still not sure, book an interview appointment with the vet. Fifteen minutes should give you a really idea if you are going to work well with each other.

Ask questions like:

What are your emergency hours?
Is someone always on call?
How long does it take to get an appointment?
Do you think there is some credibility to the relationship between over-vaccination and health issues such as allergies, hot spots and cancers?
If I have an emergency during the day, can I get in immediately or will you refer me to another vet office?
Can I drop off a stool sample, or do you always have to see the dog?
Is payment required at the time of service?
What age do you feel is best to spay/neurter a dog and why?

We wish you all the best with your decision. You and your veterinarian will partner together for a long time. Choose wisely!



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