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The papillon is a veristile breed and our puppies have titles earned in conformation, agility, obedience, rally, dock diving, lure coursing, fastCAT, barn hunt, scent work, tracking, service dogs, hearing dogs, and more. With dogs bred by us winning top honors such as specialties wins, National agility invitational wins, 1# one papillon dock diver, top ten fastest papillon in fastCAT, national obedience and rally invitational wins, papillon national high in trial wins,  and more added every year.



PlayTyme's Zippin Big Time  NAJ


Playtyme's Charisma Of Hermes Nabu BN RN CGCA CGCU


Playtyme's Jumping Thru Hoops NA OAJ NF

Playtyme's Keepin Time OA OAJ THDN CGC


Playtyme's Painted Portrait CGC



Playtyme's Quick Fire on the Fly


He’s really pretty easy.  Smart monster.  He matured differently than I am used to as a puppy- focus took a long time to kick in.  But wow he has it now.  For contacts, he has a yoga mat target he’s trained to run through (down to paw position on the mat)  “hit it”.  We are completed to the plank stage.  I have to get the dog walk out on low setting now and start on that muscle memory too!  
Weaving is easy for him.  Entries are almost innate.  I am a huge fan of channels.  He gets it.  It’s just time in for the gradual muscle memory paired with speed.  

He’s doing awesome.  Took a COVID year off to work on fundamentals at home with the dogs.  We are behind-but what we did do mattered a lot.  Just started back in classes in feb- he skipped puppy/the 2 pre-agility classes and went into beginner class teaching handling obstacles/sequences.  And I tore my calf because I am out shape thanks to COVID (Mild-better now).  He is a really quick learner/natural on distance work.  Verbals really work well for him and I can send from way further out than I should be able to!  Super duper fun dog.  Absolute blast!  Still on channel weaves- prolly 2-3 weeks out until he weaves for real.  I go slow to train the speed/fun.  It’s not going to be a problem.  Drogon’s entries are better than Havoc’s right now.  Our biggest challenge is the running contacts- but he’s doing pretty good and I think we have established that flying is right out.  I took an online course with targets and running. Intacts- very helpful, but lots of work to do.  We have a new instructor locally (our previous one never came back from COVID) -who is in love with both my high drive, fast little shorties (small dogs).  Drogon is going to be amazing.  

Playtyme's high flyin squirrel TKA SSN SSB RN BID


"Rocky" who lives in Canada is a fun dog who keeps his owner entertained with all his "cuteness" as she puts it.
Rocky has also shown at one akc show in agility and has legs towards his first alc agility titles as well. 

we are so proud of all the things Carolyn has accomplished with Rocky!!   

Rocky and Carolyn live in Canada So his titles are with the CKC

Playtyme’s Bella Boo Bingham AX MXJ MXP MJP2 T2B

Owned and loved by Connie Bingham


Ghita - Loves agility, loves her teacher, and loves her friends in class.

Trick Dog title earned before 2yrs old, on to Agility!!!


Running almost 6 yards a second in her Novice agility runs!! the amazing Ghita January 2020

update- ghita wins first place and finishes her open jumpers and open standard agility titles Febuary 2020



June 2020 update ghita finished her excellent jumpers and standard in a few trials.  

This little girl is going to join her brother for AKC Nationals in Tulsa in  March 2021 She’s done amazing since starting to compete in January of 2020. ❤️❤️❤️ Finishing her MA and MAJ with a short ways to go for her MACH. 

MACH Ghita !!!!!
we are very proud of this team. Ghita is out of Twisted and Ticket


PlayTyme's Great Expectations RATN BCAT DCAT RN RI TKN TKI  RATO RATI DN

Had a great first weekend out! Pippin is a lean, mean, rat finding machine! This weekend he earned his RATN. First title of so many to come! Special thanks to , Cherish DeWitt for breeding this most wonderful boy, and of course our judge for the weekend, Kelli Nowak!


Next Titles came fast... BCAT DCAT for lurecoursing 


No 1 dock diving papillon in 2021


Cheridh I'm so glad you're proud! I couldn't have asked for a better all around versatile papillon. 
I told you I wanted a dog who could do it all and he can!
littermate to Ghita and parents are twisted and ticket. 

Playtyme's Frevert Fiery Cayenne Pepper NA NAJ ACT1 SWN CGC - TS34695402

  Agility Course Test
Number Qualifying Scores 2


  Agility - Awards Processed Through Friday January 31, 2020 
Number Qualifying Scores 3
Number Different Judges 3
Number Qualifying Scores 3
Number Different Judges 2


  Scent Work - Awards Processed Through Friday January 31, 2020 
Number Qualifying Scores 3
Number Qualifying Scores 3
Number Qualifying Scores 3
Number Qualifying Scores 3
Number Qualifying Scores 0
Number Qualifying Scores 4
Number Qualifying Scores 1
Number Qualifying Scores 1

CH PlayTyme's Party at Midnight NAJ NA NF OAJ OA OF= Bungee

first weekend showing in agility she won high in trial novice by qualifying in all 3 events with 3 first places 3 days in a row to finish her Novice Agility title, Novice Fast, Novice Agility Jumpers. 

Next weekend she showed two days in open with 6 qualifying runs toward her open title as well as winning two majors in conformation same weekend.. This is a do it all dog!

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