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Before you Come

Check List for before you come to pick up your new puppy/dog


Is the house ready? Have you puppy proofed the house, is there a designated area that is safe for puppy when not being supervised? This is your crate and/or playpen.


Have you set up training classes? Or private trainer? This should be set up before the puppy comes home. The first week puppy comes home sets the rules for what is expected. Waiting to take classes or work on training usually results in failure.  Training is not stable so it is necessary to have on going training sessions for a successful  puppy. Just like kids go to kindergarten then middle school, high school, college… puppy training also has a progression and should be on going.



Vet appointment scheduled ?


Do you have someone to let puppy out during the day? Or day care that will take young puppy?


Have you ordered Vitamins from NuVet? See products we recommend


Have you learned about our Training Tips on the website as well as our Reccomended Training books




Day you come


Do you have an acceptable form of payment  - no personal checks or credit cards


We will send you home with shot records, leash, collar, dog food, vitamins, toys, chews.


We will also give you helpful printed information in your packet about your puppy.


Have you decided on a name? if not, check out AKC Name Finder tool

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