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Boarding Services


All dogs are boarded in private suites complete with comfortable bedding which is changed on a daily basis. Diets are prepared according to owner's specifications.



We offer to board all of our own puppies bred here at Legend.

  • Supervised play with other dogs
  • Less stressful environment because limited boarding to our puppy families
  • Puppies bred here fall right back into routine because its familiar

Boarding costs

  • IF food/Medication is provided
  • $40 per night
  • $35 Each addition dog
  •  IF food/Medication is not provided
  • $50 per night
  • $40 each additional dog


  • Contact us about current rates

Our Boarding and Training program is tailored to each clients individual needs.

This is a program available for puppies and adults here at Playtyme Papillons. This option sometimes works well for the busy family who would like the dog started or continued while you are on vacation.  Typically training continues for 6 weeks, depending on the length of training and desired outcome for the owner many choose a longer length of time. However we may do a shorter board and train session on a case by case basis. 


dogs are exposed to different surfaces, socialized with other dogs, introduced to crowds, children, parks, etc along with receiving initial training for housebreaking, sit, stay, down, come, no jumping and other useful household manners. Basic obedience is standard however, we do tailor each training session to the clients needs and we focus on what the individual client desires us to focus on.


The program is charged per week, and is also available to puppies not bred here at Playtyme. Openings are very limited so early registration is essential if you are considering this option.

Contact Cherish for Availability and current rate

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