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Deposit Process and List

PlayTyme Papillons is dedicated to purserving and protecting this purbred breed.  How we decide if we are breeding a litter is based on how many deposits we are holding for a future puppy.


If you want to send a deposit, they are non-refundable but can transfer to any dog or puppy that comes available. WE have no control over many many factors that go into breeding a litter. Examples of things out of our control could include....


how many puppies will be born in a litter

Sex of puppies

Color of puppies

litters being aborted early or reabsorbed

faluts pregnacy

or girls just not conceving.


Once we breed a litter we start the potential mom on our prenatlal care program and do everything in our power to produce a healthy litter. However, sometimes our best efforts don't produce a litter. Just like with peole not every experince produces a pregnacy. However, we do our best to ensure happy healthy puppies when they are born.


We also breed listters based on current deposits list of people willing to wait for a puppy from us. We don't believe in flooding the market with a bunch of puppies


Breeding responsibly means we have homes willing and ready for a puppy before we breed a litter. this is why we hold a deposit waiting list. This is also why deposits are non-refundable. WE are both making a commitment to a furture life.


Deposit checks go directly towards the expense of feeding dogs, Doing health checks, Vet work and so on related to producing healthy dogs.


If you send a deposit to us, you are agreeing to everything above and will contact us for the deposit form which states in writting the same thing but will have your signature as well as other important information about what you are looking for in a puppy as well as contact information for your family.


also read the article about deposits from Gooddog on our website




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