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Home Sweet Home
"Where playtyme never ends"

We are located south of Grand Rapids, Michigan on 30 acres of Dog paradise. There are two lakes on the property and not a house in sight. We have been actively involved in training and showing dogs for many people generations.

We are very active campaigning dogs in conformation and performance events, If we're not showing on the weekend we are busy during the week conditioning and training dogs. If you have questions about us you can contact us by email at We will do our best to respond in a timely manner. Our cell phones don't have voice mail so please email us or text Thank-you

Our History 

These amazing dogs have captured our hearts and filled our lives with fun and joy. We have been involved in purebred dogs for a compinded experience of over 80 years, and we were delighted when we added Papillons to our world in 2000. We have many AKC champions  & performance champions. 

Our belief about Health Testing

We strongly believe in genetic testing and health clearances on our dogs. Our papillon breeding dogs all have Eyes OFA certification and OFA Patella normal Cleared, and Cardiac clearances by a board certified cardiologist. As well as a full DNA health screening panel for NAD, Pap-PRA, VwD, canine factor 7 and a color panel. 

About our Home

We live on 30 beautiful acres of paradise in southwest Michigan.  

We have been involved in breeding, showing and judging purebred dogs since 1970. We have two breeds, (Papillons and Golden Retrievers) and we are active in both breeds. We also own the Smart Dog  Behavior Center.

About the Kennel name Playtyme

So we can keep track of my dogs bloodline in pedigrees  and for registry record keeping purposes our kennel name is  “PlayTyme” Papillons and Phalenes . This IS NOT a Doing Business name.  We are strictly a breeder for the betterment of the breed. (not a company, business, or commercial pet enterprise) and We own and compete with purebred, registered Papillons and phalenes as a hobby only.

We have owned, trained and competed with outstanding quality dogs since 1970. Before which the kennel was owned and operated by my grandpa who also competed with some of the best dogs of the time. We have learned a great deal since and continue to learn every day.

All of our dogs are American Kennel Club (AKC) registered and most are also dual-registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). Some of our dogs have other registries so we can compete with them to earn additional titles such as the International Kennel Club.

Some of the reasons a puppy might not be kept at Playtyme:


Tail not curled around the back like a tea cup handle - it may be carried to high or to tight. while this does not effect a pet it is not to the standard.

Color - A papillon is always a party colored dog however they sometimes have a lot or littlecolor on the body.  The same goes for Mis-marks (the standard calls for On the head, color(s) other than white must cover both ears, back and front, and extend without interruption from the ears over both eyes. A clearly defined white blaze and nose band are preferred to a solidly marked head for its symmetry. Symmetry of facial markings is desirable.) so if we have a puppy who doesn't meet this we will place it in a pet home.

 Most of the issues for us as breeders have nothing to do with the function as a loved house pet. We have to be very picky about what we keep, as well as why we are breeding a litter. I hope this helps to "clear the waters" so to speak on why we keep what we keep.


Why breed a litter?

So you can be assured that a puppy from us will be bred for breed temperament, quality, type, soundness, structure , and correct coat. WE do NOT breed just to have puppies,  BUT to enhanced the breed, and produce our next show dog. This means that a puppy from us will be of beautiful quality and breeding but for one reason or another is sold as a pet.  We have very high standards for are next potential show or breeding dog and some puppies will have just one fault that will keep them from being a potential dog that is kept here at “PlayTyme”. This doesn’t mean that they are not good examples of the breed, as we strive to keep the very best from each litter we breed to continue the legacy and enhance the breed as a whole, otherwise what is the point of breeding?  Knowing that you are getting a puppy that was bred from the best of the best in hopes of another great show puppy gives you the peace of mind that we are doing what we can for you, but also for the breed as a whole.

Memberships include

American Kennel Club 

Papillon Club of America

Kalamazoo Kennel Club

United Kennel Club  All breed Judges for UKC


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