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PlayTyme Papillons  

Training and all breed professional handling


All Board and Training services include group play, one meal and snack, and private affection time. 

I've been around dogs since I was a small child. I work with positive reinforcement only, and to me it's always important that the training is fun for both the dog and the owner - because even basic obedience can be tons of fun!


PlayTyme Papillons - AKC Breeder of Merit - World Class Papillons - Home of Multiple Champions and Performance dogs offers training lessons for basic obedience as well as fun groups for agility, rally and private lessons


Special needs will be addressed on an individual basis.  If you need additional help or information, please contact us.


  • Training Lessons

We offer private training lessons contract Cherish for current rates and availability 

Basic and Puppy Obedience

Competition Obedience


Competition Agility thru Masters level

Therapy dog training

Showing/Handling for the breed ring

Problem solving

contact Cherish at (616) 217-1616 

Lessons start at $75 per hour


All Breed Handling

We also handle the toy breeds, terriers, all sporting dogs and non-sporting breeds.

The option to have dogs handled ringside, or travel with us is completely your decision. The show ring is a highly competitive, popular ring. Please contact us concerning fees, information, or an evaluation.

Because you and your dog deserve the very best!

Working towards a championship in show ring can be a long, but very rewarding process. Conditioning, coat care and protection, health, exercise, teeth cleaning, proper nutrition and socialization are just a few of the commitments we make to our client's dogs.

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Papillon Breeder of:
AKC Champions and Grand Champions

AKC Agility titles

AKC Obedience

AKC rally titles

Service Dogs,

Hearing dogs

AKC Trick dogs,

AKC Barn Hunt,


Akc tracking

AKC scent work

AKC dock diving and more.


The Butterfly dog that does it all

Papillon Breeder in Michigan

Phone: +1 6162171616


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