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Crate Training

A Room of My Own

By Cherish DeWitt ©2005


Crates or Dens can be your greatest asset when owning a dog.  Just because it may look like a cage or prison to you, does not mean that your dog views it that way.


A dog sees a crate as a place of his own.  It can calm anxious dogs, and teaches crafty destructive puppies to “sleep” while you’re away.  If used properly and introduced correctly your dog will adore having a room of his own. 


Crates are a tremendous aid in housebreaking.  They also serve useful if your dog needs to spend time at the vets or a kennel.  Crating a dog in a car is a smarter and safer idea than a loose dog who can interfere with driving.  Often dogs who get car sick can overcome this if they travel in a crate.


Make your crate cozy with an old towel or blanket.  Cotton is the fabric of choice because unlike polyesters and nylons, cotton will not break coat or rip it out. 


Remember, the crate is a safe haven, not a punishment place.  Crating a naughty puppy teaches nothing.  Training is your responsibility, however keeping a puppy safe while you are busy with other things, keeps the puppy out of trouble.  Use the crate as you would a playpen for a child, and never never leave a dog in a crate with a collar, leash or tags and especially never with a choker collar.

  1. Large amounts of exercise before crating.Crating longer than 5 hours is excessive and difficult for any dog, unless it is at night.

  2. If puppy soils his bedding, don’t give him any.

  3. Use towels or rugs to keep the crate from rattling and irritating you.

  4. Store toys or treats in the crate and allow free access when the dog is not crated.

  5. Toss in a treat when your ready to crate and shut the door and leave them.

  6. Feed the dog in the crate.However, guarding possessions or food is prohibited in my household.I run the show, not the dog.

  7. Leave the dog in the crate a few minutes after eating or napping then open the door for free access in a non-committal way and never open the door when there is whining or barking

    8.  Increase duration gradually starting initially with 5 to 15 minutes.



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