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Playtyme Papillons

Breeder of World Class Papillons and Phalenes      


PlayTyme Papillons is a proud  Preservation Breeder with  purposefully bred purebred dogs  that are  intentionally bred for predictability. It comes with hours of thought, careful consideration, scrutiny and discipline.  My focus is on preserving Breed type, health and temperament by clever population management.

As a Preservation breeder I carefully screen potential puppy-buyers and will, if called upon, take dogs back at any stage of life.

Everybody that breeds purebred dogs wants them to be happy, healthy, and long-lived. I as a Preservation Breeder also want to protect and preserve dog breeds for future generations, to use their amazing abilities to work for us and of course for companionship. This is the essence of preservation breeding.

Papillon Puppies

Michigan AKC Breeder of Merit


Playtyme Papillons breed the finest in-home, family-raised AKC Papillon Puppies for discerning Papillon lovers. Puppies are available in Black and white, red and White, Tri-Color, & Sable and white. 

Have you dreamed of having a Top-Class Papillon? Make the Dream a Reality!


We work hard at Playtyme Papillons to preserve the beauty of this incredibly and very healthy papillon breed. Raised in our hands and home, loved in our hearts, our puppies are the exquisite result of distinction.


About the Papillon 

Your dog gives you unconditional love, a zealous greeting even if you’ve only been gone 2 minutes, he's never too busy to spend time with you, and desires your companionship even when no one else does. He mourns with you, rejoices with you and sympathizes with you. That kind of loyalty is worthy of your respect and appreciation.

About PlayTyme Papillons

We are a Papillon family, first and foremost. We’ve dedicated our lives to the breed, its preservation, and advancement. Our entire family is involved in the care of our Papillons and raising puppies. We have been actively involved in training and showing dogs for many people generations.

PlayTyme Papillon Breeder

Playtyme is a 30-year Michigan AKC Papillon breeder. Our breeding program has been built upon generations of Papillon Top winning dogs with an emphasis on supreme breed type, health, and temperament. Playtyme Papillons are bred to be elegant athletes, with exquisite head detail and correct Papillon Expression

PlayTyme Papillons Happy Customers

Your happiness is our main concern. click on the link below for more info about our happy clients and what they are doing with their PlayTyme papillons!!

Frequently Asked Questions 

We answer the common, most frequently asked questions about the Papillon.
Once owned primarily by royalty or the wealthy elite,the papillon now graces the homes of many people who find their size and personalities easy to live with. The papillon is  coveted for their beautiful coat, butterfly appearance and charming personality. Papillons boast elegant stature and intelligence making them the perfect choice for many families. 

Papillon Education 

Playtyme Papillons share their over 60 combined years of experience in the breed helping you become a more knowledgeable Papillon fancier! Learn more about Papillon history, correct breed type, and more.

Papillon Colors

Both Papillons and Phalenes come in a variety of different color patterns, including:

Red and white
Sable and white
Black and white
Lemon and White

We provid our clients with Our Support

We provide invaluable support for our clients with grooming,  Handling and Boarding of any of our puppies. Giving you the peace of mind that they will be well cared for while you are gone by leaving them with the people who lovingly brought them into the world. When our puppies come back to us for these services, because they were born here, they dont stress like in other enviorments giving them the very best positive experience for when you are away.


We offer Dog boarding to all of our puppies.


We offer Full service dog Grooming


Private Training Classes and All Breed Professional Handling services

Latest News 2023

Group 1st win

GCHG PlayTyme's Burnin Rubber "Tonka" was awarded Multiple Group wins over this year of showing. In 2022 he finished the year as the #2 Papillon Male...This year he is again in the top 5 papillons in the USA

New Champion


CH PlayTyme's Permission to Win

Was Winners Dog and Best Bred by Exhibitor at the Papillon Club of america Reginal specialty before the national to Finish his Championship

New AKC Champion


CH PlayTyme's Go Zippin Fast Finished her AKC championship at the Papillon Club Supported Entry in Fort wayne, IN Nov 2023

New Champion

CH PlayTyme's Go from zero to hero

"Presto" finish his AKC Championship at the Papillon Club of America Suported entry in Fort Wayne, IN in Nov 2023

Playtyme Papillons are health tested

Quality and Beauty come together at Playtyme

As a papillon AKC Breeder of Merit  in Michigan, Playtyme Papillons is committed to campaigning and producing quality papillon puppies for show or pet.  If you are looking for a papillon puppy or want to learn more about the papillon breed  we have provided a wealth of information for you.  The papillon is known for their beautiful coat, butterfly appearance and charming personality, all hallmarks of the papillon breed.  Our papillon puppies are of exceptional quality. As a papillon breeder, we are dedicated to breed quality papillons, of excellent temperament, and health. The papillon dog makes a loving companion and the papillon puppy will delight you with their adorable qualities.


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