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Available Papillon Puppies For Sale

Puppies expected Spring 2024

Email Serious inquiries only please.  

We are very selective in our breeding program and have a deposit waiting list for our puppies.  If you are interested in a Playtyme Puppy, please consider a puppy application


Typically we have over a year waitlist for a puppy from us based on flexible preferences. 

About Papillon Puppy Cost

Breeding Papillons the average litter size is 1 to 3 puppies. Dogs have a Gestation time of 9 weeks and only cycle twice a year about six to seven months apart. Papillon Puppies do not leave us until after 12wks and sometimes not before 16wks. So from the time we breed a litter to the time puppies go home is 5-6 months. Determining price page helps you with more in-depth understanding of what goes into this process.

Available Papillon Puppies

Papillons make wonderful pets. This butterfly dog is easy to care for, has a manageable coat  and endearing personality and loves your company. This breed has been adored as a pet for hundreds of years and was originally owned by royalty. They are very intelligent and easily trained. Papillons perform well in all disciplines from obedience, tracking, rally, agility and even work as service dogs.

Available Papillon Adults

 (6months- 9yrs old) 

We will have some  available to pet homes  

Text cherish at  616-217-1616 

 Please contact us for photos and information about what you are looking for.
It is our goal to place the right adult in the perfect home 

Papillon Puppy Application

Find out How to Apply for a PlayTyme Papillon Puppy

Papillon Puppy Culture

How we start our puppies and a great program for you to continue after the puppy leaves us 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most commonly asked questions about papillons and other things we have been asked over the years

Products we Use

Find out what we use on our dogs and our favorite Products since we have tried and used them all!

Deposit Process

Learn how and why we do a deposit waiting List for a PlayTyme papillon Puppy

Cost of a Papillon

Learn more what goes into a well bred Papillon puppy from a Preservation breeder

Our Papillon Contract

We believe in being transparent so our contract is available online for you to review before coming

Before you arrive at PlayTyme

Some things you should know and be prepared for before coming to pick up your puppy from PlayTyme papillons

Happpy Clients

Here is what our papillon puppy buyers are saying about our puppies from PlayTyme papillons

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AKC Champions and Grand Champions

AKC Agility titles

AKC Obedience

AKC rally titles

Service Dogs,

Hearing dogs

AKC Trick dogs,

AKC Barn Hunt,


Akc tracking

AKC scent work

AKC dock diving and more.


The Butterfly dog that does it all

Papillon Breeder in Michigan

Phone: +1 6162171616


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