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Playtyme Papillons - Distinctly Beautiful Puppies


Papillon puppies - Distinctly beautiful puppy

Playtyme papillon puppies are beautiful . A Playtyme papillon is adorable and our puppies are elegant and lively and no exception.  A small dog that has a big heart and love for family.  Those who own them are infatuated with their zeal for life and their beauty. Please visit our for sale page or contact us concerning the possibility of ownership. We believe that quality and breed type is extremely important and desired in all papillons. This kind of quality is representative of diligence in breeding papillons that have distinct characteristics as well as temperament that is typical of the breed.  As a papillon breeder we endeavor to breed true to the standard set by the American Kennel Club. 
   Papillons will steal your heart and welcome you home.  Papillons are loving, fun and energetic dogs who love a good walk, watch tv in your lap and share your life.  Papillons are a quality dog that is elegant, fine-boned and grows in beauty and personality.  Ready to warm your heart, share your bed and alert you when a stranger is present, this delightful puppy is pure joy.


We would love you to consider owning a beautiful papillon bred here at Playtyme papillons.  Our papillon puppies are hand raised right under foot, exposed to numerous environments and surroundings, and are socialized with other dogs.  These protocols help to ensure that your puppy will be well adjusted and a wonderful addition to your family.


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